Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Update of my 2 girls + a 15 week bun in the oven

So the eldest child had her IQ assessed to be 126 at 3 years old, which is 4 points short of being gifted and she was placed in the superior IQ range. Am I hoping for a genius child? Nope. Having one may be a bonus but nothing beats a healthy, happy learner child which I can safely claim she is. Anyway, the purpose of the IQ assessment was also to assess if the mummy here did her job well in developing her intellect as well as her emotional capacities. Probably share more into the analytical aspect later.

Current #1 and #2 are attending daily child care and their weekly right brain training classes. Apart from that, I have to confess the recent incoming bun has given me lotsa excuses to cut short home activities. For the last trimester or so, #1 and #2 have been more or less very much on their own in self reading, lotsa role playing and running around the house doing hide and seek.

Gonna get round to more activities once mummy feels good enough not to puke at every instance.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Flashcards - My preferences

After going through I suppose thousands of flashcards with my eldest girl who is coming of 3 years old, I realized that there is no one strict formula for the type of flashcards to show to an infant or toddler. My advice to parents is to let your imagination run wild and do up whatever topics you feel is fun for your child.
I do however, encourage that parents do not plaster all information within a single card. Keep each card clean and simple. Illustrations and words together do not work as well as presenting them separately. Speed of flashing is something we can work on as well. To truly activate the right brain's abilities, we have to flash real fast and thus triggering photographic capabilities.